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Self-employed business customers can have their Nissan NV commercial van wrapped with color graphics and highlighted logo with Al Piemonte Nissan’s Billboard on Wheels Program. Car advertising or in this case, van advertising allows you to take control of the message you want to project to your public audience concerning your business. Our Nissan Commercial Graphics program augments the exterior looks of your Nissan NV commercial van, and you can give your vehicle a personalized touch with the ability to promote your self-employed business or large-scale company with logos on fleet models that advertise specific services and products your company offers. Our gorgeous, attention-grabbing logo and color graphics will get heads turning in your direction and might lead to more business from new clients. You can easily upload your business emblem by using an available online tool or develop something novel from scratch.



One of the most important things you can do for your business is to advertise. This market medium gets the attention of your customers and lets them know who you are and what your services are all about. Most businesses are localized but not all. Some are much larger and require large-scale advertising. Since the majority of business enterprises are local, you need to find a smart way to advertise without bursting your wallet. Small scale-business owners or self-employed individuals need an inexpensive way to promote his or her business. Even large-scale business owners want to save. Billboards can be quite expensive, and although these can be attractive as cars drive by on the highway, it is mostly big time businesses that have the money to perform such advertising, and even larger sized companies shy away from this expensive option. However, wrapped vehicle advertising for your business in the form of business logo and graphics are a money saving option that not only advertises your business name and services, but it an attractive option, especially if your business requires mobile transportation or you can just use a Nissan NV commercial van to reach out to your audience. This is ideal for both small and large-scale businesses that are looking for less expensive ways to advertise in contrast to other forms of advertising via highway billboards (as mentioned before), TV commercials, radio advertising or even placing ongoing ads in the newspaper.


In order for your commercial advertising to have a lasting impact on your audience and for long-term effectiveness, you must find ways to advertise your business in multiple ways and leave lasting impressions on your target customer base. Television and radio are two ways to advertise, but these more traditional and costly means are not as effective as they once were. First, people have to see TV ads and hear radio ads several times before your message sinks in, and the more times you want your commercial or broadcast played, the more money you pay, and if your TV or radio ad does not incorporate a creative touch, something that stands out to grab your audience off the bat, you may get a bunch of channel flippers via remote or knob every time your ad comes on or is heard while driving. The Internet has largely replaced a lot of advertising segments, from television to newspapers to libraries, and not only is the Internet a cheaper way to advertise, it is an extremely effective way of getting your business slogan out to a mass audience. Of course you want to use as many cost-effective ways possible, and if you have the extra money and outlets to spend, then go for television, newspaper and radio advertising and even billboard advertising; basically the whole works and use the Internet, as well. However, most businesses want to cut spending so there is more money to promote the business itself, and the Internet and commercial vehicle wrap advertising with logo and graphics are alterative, more contemporary ways to advertise your business and hone in on your target audience. Al Piemonte Nissan has Nissan NV commercial vans that can be customized with color graphics and logo, and it is a great way to send your customers to your website for further information concerning your business products and services.


  • An independent study performed by American Trucking Association (ATA) and 3M Commercial Graphics Division, revealed that
    • a single vehicle wrap that traveled in or around a major city generated over 65,000 visual impressions per day
    • the same vehicle wrap when traveled in suburban areas of major cities generated over 30,000 visual impressions per day
  • The study also revealed that people/customers who viewed the vehicle wrap had the following impressions:
    • 98% of consumers feel fleet graphics created a positive image for the advertising company
    • 96% said fleet graphics (wrapped vehicles) had more impact than billboards or other outdoor advertising media
    • 91% of all people notice the words and images displayed on vehicle graphics
    • 75% of consumers develop an impression about a company and its products based upon vehicle graphics
  • According to the OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America), mobile advertising can be the most effective and cost efficient form of outdoor advertising with a lower cost per mile.
  • Always on. Unlike radio, print, or television advertising which can be turned off, vehicle advertising is perpetually on. You are always advertising your business — even when your Nissan NV commercial van is parked in a private driveway or in front of your business.
  • Advertise at places where you otherwise could not due to cost limitations for your business: For example, trade shows, conventions, and grand openings. Simple arrive in your wrapped Nissan NV commercial van and right away you are already advertising to attendees.


It does not matter whether your commercial enterprise decides to go with a Nissan NV Standard Roof option or a Nissan NV High Roof option, you will have plenty of room to create gorgeous, enchanting vehicle wraps that will allow your business to have optimal exposure to your target audience and even people outside of your target audience that might decide he or she is interested in your services. Driving around town with a Nissan NV wrapped business logo and graphics only enhances your business advertising ability in a competitive market where your neighbor is competing against you these days to get that all important paying customer and a satisfied customer that appreciates your businesses’ outstanding customer service and support, another critical feature to success besides advertising.

If you want to discuss the wrapping for your commercial vehicle, click here to contact us.

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